Beginning of a new chapter- EDS 111

  • What do the results of the tests say about you as a learner?
  • What aspects of studying and learning do you find yourself lacking?
  • Are you willing to make changes on how you study?
  • How can you further enhance your skills in studying and learning?

After a long holiday (around a month), its time for me to get back to my books. This is my 2nd trimester and am glad that the 1st trimester ended on a good note (even though, there were moments where I felt, I couldn’t go on any more 😦 )

Its a new year, a new beginning (at least a new trimester with new course ;-))

Starting with new hopes, new resolutions (and new fears,too) Wanna work on the mistakes that I had made in the last trimester and wish to do better this time.

The various tests under ‘Know Thyself’ have given a good start to this course. I have always enjoyed such tests, where I get to know more about myself, my strengths, weaknesses,etc.

SWOT Analysis- Thinking about your own strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats is not an easy thing to do. My biggest strength is I am able to grasp new content easily (anything to do with numbers/graphs is a different story, though). Repeated reading helps more than rote-learning. I am able to analyse things.

The biggest challenge for me during this course is time-management. Full time work as a teacher and managing a home with a 7 year old, who demands constant attention, takes away most of my time. Also, online studies puts the onus of studying on me, rather than a physical class where I have to follow the schedule. During my 1st trimester, I had struggled a lot with this. Most of the times, I was able to meet the deadlines, though few submissions saw me in a panic state, struggling to complete the tasks. This time, around, I plan to distribute my work evenly through the week so that I can use some part of my weekends for leisure.

My score from SARC

Your Score Benchmark
Textbooks 32 30
Notetaking 16 20
Memory 32 30
Test Prep 47 40
Concentration 40 35
Time Management 17 20


In terms of a learner, I must increase the use of visual aids and also focus more on extra readings which will broaden my understanding and give me different perspectives. I must also improve in note-taking and reviewing. I usually take down notes but the notes are always brief.

SRQ score– 216  [Intermediate (moderate) self-regulation capacity (middle quartiles)]

Time management Score- 59    [56 – 100 = Poor time manager]

In an online course, the onus of discipline, time management and organisation falls on the student. These various tests have taught me more about my self and I will use this knowledge to learn deeper and apply myself fully to this course.

Amen to that 😀


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