Being a life long learner..

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“Once you stop learning, you start dying’ – Einstein

This was my motivation behind joining PTC.

I have been teaching for the last 7 years but then I realized that a formal course/training would help me in improving my teaching practices and hence benefit my students.

A good teacher is a good student first.  This journey of PTC has taught me a lot. I have not only learned about better and more efficient teaching practices but it has also reaffirmed my faith in my existing practices.

Change is the only constant, and being an open-minded learner is the only way of surviving this constant change. Along with the module readings in PTC, the discussion and feedback from my peers is a great source of learning.

Having a closely knit formal PLC at my work place would also be  a great source of learning. This module has taught me the importance and the benefit of having a PLC and I hope, my school can start on this project. Presently,  we do collaborate across grade levels and often meet as an elementary school but we do not have a formal structure nor accountability for it. It is more driven by individual teacher’s needs and desire to learn and grow.


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