Reflections on Social Learning Theories- Role Models/Mentors in my Life

My Models and Mentors

I have been blessed with many role-models and mentors through every stage of my life.  This process of learning from others started from childhood, when my parents became my 1st role-models (and still are). This was followed by being taught by excellent teachers who motivated and guided me to do better. My college days brought to fore some fantastic professors whose in depth knowledge of the subject and the passion for it made learning a lot easier for us. Numerous close friends have been role-models through their commitment and true friendship. Working life gave more opportunities to learn from people who excelled in their work area and who guided my path.

Since so many people have been responsible for molding me, both in personal and professional life, it is difficult to mention the contribution of just a few. But since, I am required to mention a few, here they are (they are mentioned in the order that they came into my life and not necessarily according to their contribution. Off course, this does not apply on my parents. I am here because of them 🙂 :

Role Models and Mentors Their Contributions
1.      Dad I learned the value of honesty from him.

My love for reading and keeping myself abreast with the current affairs comes from him. other has taught me the value of selflessly giving to your family.

2.      Mom I learned to be neat and organised just like her. Everything in her house has a place and she can tell you where exactly you can find a particular object. I am proud to say the same about my house (at least for most of the items)

My love for cooking (though highly belated) is thanks to my mom. She loves to watch cookery shows on TV and wen her health permits, treats her family with delicacies.

3.      Mrs. Laxmi Singh She was my history teacher during High School. I still remember the way she taught even a dry subject like History with such enthusiasm that it motivated us to do better.
4.      Mr. Asit Mehra He was my Economics professor during my college days. His passion towards his work and his teaching style attracted students even from other faculties.
5.      Ms. Nidhi She is my best friend, mentor and spiritual guide. She has been teaching for the last  15 years and was my inspiration to become a teacher. She persuaded me into this profession and has constantly guided me to become a better teacher. She is highly patient while teaching her students and keeps their welfare close to her heart.
6.      Ms. Kadambari Muttoo She was the principal of the 1st school, where I had started working as a teacher 9 years back. I had joined as a fresher and was not a qualified teacher. She took me under her wing, trusted me and taught me the basics about being a teacher. I have continued to be in this profession and enjoy every moment of it, thanks to her.

The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students.
Describe which characteristics and behaviors you believe are the most important for you to model for your students.

1.      Honesty- This is the foremost characteristic that I want my students to emulate. Being honest keeps you peaceful, you don’t have to carry the burden of a lie. 
2.      Disciplined and focus- I want my students to understand the value of being disciplined and focus as these traits help us in achieving our goals. By discipline, I don’t mean military style discipline. I mean following rules, staying focused and completing tasks as expected.
3.      Need base living- Living a life fulfilling your needs and not running after your wants will help you living a peaceful and meaningful life. This becomes all the more imperative in our present times of excessive use of resources.

How I Will Incorporate Models and Mentors in My Classroom?
Describe a systematic plan for bringing models and mentors into your students’ lives in one or more domain(s) you plan to teach, such as math, English, science, music, and so on.

Here, I will share about one of lessons that I had done a few weeks back.

Topic- Healthy Lifestyle (to 9-10 yrs old)

  • I started by talking about the meaning of ‘health’ and ‘lifestyle’. I gave my definition and then helped the students in constructing their own meaning.
  • Then, I asked them if they know of any one that they consider healthy. Why? This helped in clarifying any doubts about the definition of healthy.
  • After this, I asked them the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I modeled this by sharing with them my ways of keeping healthy- my choice of food, the type of exercise that I do, my sleep hours, etc. The students in turn shared their lifestyle choices. As a class, we discussed whether these choices constitute a healthy lifestyle of not. This helped in clearly their misconceptions about healthy lifestyle.
  • As a following up activity, I asked them to think of one person (family/friend) whom they think lives a healthy life. They were then asked to interview this ‘role-model’ about his.her choices.

Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like?
Do you have someone in mind who might serve as an education mentor when you become a teacher? If so, describe the person.

Since I started my teaching journey 9 years back, one person has been my constant source of inspiration and strength. That person is my closest friend and confidant- Ms. Nidhi Khanija. She is not only an excellent teacher but also an exemplified human being. She is there to help her friends and strangers alike.

She has been teaching for more than 15 years. She is an elementary teacher and is now also the Curriculum head of her school. Her passion towards her work, her creativity in teaching, her desire to help and uplift every child that comes her way are just few of the traits that continue to inspire me and motivate me to do better. Every time, I am stuck with a problem either dealing with a student, or teaching a new/difficult concept, her advise is what I seek.

What would your ideal education mentor be like?

Well, I have just mentioned above about my mentor. She is my ideal mentor J


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