Reflections on Module 3.4- What kind of learner am I?

What kind of learner am I?

An important question but difficult to answer. Never thought about it. I have always been a keen learner, usually for the content that interests me. The click for me is my interest in it. If I am interested, I will go to great lengths to learn about it, try out different methods, make errors and yet try again, find out information from others, dig in and learn more.

There is a balance between desiring a MKO and constructing own understanding. In my case, I would say, the choice would depend on how much do I understand the content. For eg, since I am interested in global issues, history, and environmental issues, I try to study and learn independently. But, if it has to do with finance, a MKO will be useful for me . Here again, I don’t want someone to spoon feed to me , but rather explain to me patiently.

I have been educated in the traditional system where the teachers taught, we learned. There was not much scope or opportunities to learn with peers, in groups. There was not much of a variety in teaching techniques. Teacher as MKO was present, scaffolding was provided but very often, teachers would find it easy to give out answers instead of pushing us to discover it on our own. Only learners who got good scores were considered to be good. Only way, we could demonstrate our learning was through tests/exams. So anyone, who was not good with cramming and/or writing skills would not be able to do well.

I am happy to realize that various things that I have learned in these modules are what I apply inside my classroom. I scaffold the content depending on the ability level of the student. Making connections of the content with real life is very crucial for my students to understand and remember. Our curriculum allows us lot of freedom to teach and I use various techniques in the classroom.

I often make use of MI so that my students are comfortable and are able to learn with their strengths. But occasionally, I also challenge them to work with their weakest MI so that they are able to come out of their comfort zone.

These modules have taught me a lot of new things and for many others, have given me the assurance that what I ma n doing in my teaching practice is correct and beneficial for my students.


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