Changing perspectives- Final entry for EDS 103

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I am a teacher initiated by accident and now by choice. I have been in this wonderful profession for the last 9 years. Even though these nine years have gone down well and I have matured as a teacher, I did feel the need of taking up an educational course (I do not have a degree in education). So I joined PTC and this is (hopefully) my last trimester here.

Another trimester is coming to an end and now when I look back, I can see all the things that I have learned, all my learning engagements that have got validation through various theories and my various misconceptions getting cleared.

It has been a tiring 3 month long journey, with bouts of inspiration intertwined with the feeling of being left behind.

Before this course, I did not know that the various things that I do in my class and the the process of my students’ learning have complicated scientific names :-). This course has taught me, how my students think, how does their memory works for them, how should I organize my lesson so that my students get the best out of it,etc.

Few things that really stand out for me at the end of this course are:

  • Primacy-recency effect= the knowledge of this is helping me in organizing my lessons so that my students are able to learn more. Now, I ensure that the key parts of my lessons are explained in the beginning when the student focus is at the peak and this being followed by review and practice.
  • use of reinforcement- these tools can be effectively used for either enhancing a certain behavior or acting as a deterrent.
  • Sensory,working and long term memory- knowledge of this for the learners can help them in segregating the useful from the chaff and putting it into the long term memory for later use.
  • MKO- how the students can learn not only from their teachers/parents/other adults but also from their peers who might know more then them.

This course has made me a better learner and hopefully a more informed and a better armed teacher. My limits were stretched, especially while working for Asst 2 and the Final Exams. This course has not only made me more resilient but also taught me the importance of time and self management. All these skills are crucial for a teacher 🙂

May I continue to be an enthusiastic (and a more organised) learner and continue to inspire my students to be hungry for learning. Amen 🙂


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